interactive net art, 2006
software program written by the artist, computer, projector, mouse, printer, speakers This work is a collaboration of C. J. Yeh and Dr. Ay-ling Kong from Chung-Hua University, Taiwan.

myBirthday=myPhilipGlass requires participants to enter their name and birthday, at which point, an algorithm transcribes the information into a Minimalist musical score, after which the generated score is played by the computer in the same repetitive, dispassionate style of a Philip Glass composition.

Each aspect of the date entered will effect the final composition in different ways. For example, the basso ostinato is defined according to the season, the tempo is adjusted according to the age to date, and the individual notes are all derived from the various combinations of the numbers from the day and month. The process-oriented nature and the self-imposed rule of working with the limited materials of this software program are akin to the spirit of minimal music from the 1960s.